NYC Fire Suppression Services

A kitchen is a vital part of all homes and commercial places. However, sometimes fire accidents can occur and cause losses or injuries. That's why you should hire professional ffire suppression experts if you experience a kitchen fire. There are many fire suppression companies today, but Chief Fire Prevention is your go-to firm. We have over three decades of experience and offer unparalleled fire suppression services.

That said, you can trust us to meet your kitchen safety needs despite the size of your kitchen. We offer various fire suppression services ranging from systems repairs to cleaning services.

nyc fire suspension services

NYC Fire Suppression Services

At Chief Fire Prevention, we understand that our clients may need us any time of the day. That's why we offer a wide range of NYC fire suppression services, including;

Fire Suppression Systems Repair

We repair fire suppression systems, including the fans and the kitchen hood. This is to ensure that your systems work efficiently if a fire starts. Before repairs, we survey your kitchen to see the areas that need repairs. Again, we use state-of-the-art equipment to fix the exhaust fan or kitchen hood.

We understand kitchens in homes, restaurants, and other industrial areas. Hence, our team of experts design fire suppressions systems to put off the fire immediately it starts. We offer regular maintenance services to ensure that the systems don't fail you. We test these systems during repair and maintenance to guarantee our clients that their kitchens and property are safe.

Despite the size of your kitchen, you can trust us to repair these systems. This is because we are licensed to handle all fire suppression system types. Again, we are professionals and know how to use all tools needed during the repair and maintenance of these systems. To provide satisfactory services, we use modern tools that help us to work smoothly and quickly.

Fire Suppression Systems Inspection

A regular inspection is critical despite the perfect installation and functioning of fire suppression systems. This is because the suppression systems may be affected by age, building renovations, and natural hazards. These systems fail primarily because they may affect the water supply to the systems or alter the codes.

It may be hard to notice that the water supply in the system is inefficient. Hence, our fire suppression technicians test the systems regularly to check their functionality level. We are trained through NFPA96 or Authority Having Jurisdiction. Hence, we have all the skills and understand all NFPA codes. Our professional technicians use high-quality products to inspect the fire suppression systems, including;

  • Fire alarm;
  • Sprinkler system;
  • Clean agent systems;
  • Chemical systems;
  • Backflow preventers;
  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Fire hoses.

Cleaning Services

A kitchen exhaust system requires regular cleaning to offer satisfactory services. However, not all cleaning agents are fit to clean the systems in the kitchen. At Chief Fire Prevention, we have suitable cleaning agents. We value our clients and love our environment. Hence, we use cleaning agents that don't pollute the environment or pose health risks.

Apart from safety, our cleaning agents can clean these systems quickly so that you get back to work soon. Again, they are safe for the electronic items in your electronic appliance. So, you are assured not to experience any losses if you use your fire suppression systems after a fire. During the cleaning services, we clean various parts of the system, including;

  • Heat recovery units;
  • Laundry exhaust;
  • Grease and charcoal filters;
  • Coils;
  • Garbage chutes;
  • Electronic precipitators;
  • Grease traps.

Our Fire Suppression Services

Whether you need a fire suppression system installed in your home or restaurant, you should hire a professional technician. This way, you avoid losses caused by fire resulting from poor designing and installation of a fire suppression system. At Chief Fire Prevention, we provide a wide range of these services to meet our clients' needs.

Fire Suppression Installation

We ensure that it meets your needs when installing a fire suppression system. We provide systems of different designs for our clients to choose from. Regardless of the method you need, highly-trained technicians offer our fire suppression installation services. We ensure the entire installation process is accurate to avoid problems in the future.

The installation process takes a few hours, depending on the design and the size of the project. We follow specific steps to ensure that the positioning of all parts is correct. Our technicians can install all parts of a fire suppression system, including;

  • .Fans;
  • .Interior duct liners;
  • .NFPA 96 hoods;
  • .Duct exhaust;
  • .Exterior duct insulation;
  • .Smog hoods.

Fire suppression System Certification

At Chief Fire Prevention, we are an NFPA certified firm. Therefore, we are legal to handle all types of fire suppression systems. Consequently, you can be confident to hire us if you need fire suppression systems repairs, installation, cleaning, or emergency services. Again, you are at peace because you know that your home or business is in the right hands.

Our system certification allows us to handle a wide range of fire suppression systems, including dental hoods, HEPA filters, laundry exhaust, laminar flow systems, and biohazard cabinets. Hence, you are assured that we abide by the law despite the fire suppression system service that you need.

How Fire Suppression System Works

Before understanding how a fire suppression system works, you should understand what is fire suppression. A fire suppression system is designed to put off accidental fires in homes and industries to prevent losses and injuries. The system is developed to detect and extinguish a fire before spreading to other building parts.

A fire suppression system has a tube that detects as fire starts. This tube is connected to a pressurized cylinder. After detecting a fire, the tube bursts and discharges the agents in the pressurized cylinder in the affected area. The fire-suppressing agents extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to other areas. Despite the amount of discharge released, you don't have to worry because they are clean and never damage your equipment.

Advantages of Automatic Fire Suppression

Prevents Property Damage

Sometimes, a fire can start when least expected. Therefore, it can cause property loss even after requesting emergency fire services. However, an automatic fire suppression system immediately puts off the fire and prevents it from spreading. This saves you lots of losses, including furniture or the entire building. Though there may be some damage, be assured that the damages don't exceed your budget.

Environmentally Friendly

The cleaning agents in automatic fire suppression systems are eco-friendly. Thus, they don't release greenhouse gases that reduce air quality and pollute the environment. This way, you are assured that your employees and your loved ones are safe after a fire incident.

If a fire spreads in a wide area, it causes damages that require disposal at the landfill. This causes environmental pollution due to the emission of greenhouse gases in landfills. However, an automatic fire suppression system prevents extensive damages. Therefore, there is little disposal in the landfill, ensuring a clean environment.

Ensures Safety

Using automated fire suppression systems is safe for those around. This system extinguishes fire whether people are around or not. Thus, it saves lives by putting off the fire and preventing it from spreading. Therefore, it reduces the risks of severe injuries and deaths of those in the building.

Doesn't Require Human Intervention

An accidental fire may happen without the knowledge of those around. Therefore, an automatic fire suppression system extinguishes fire whenever it starts. Therefore, this system doesn't require you to switch on to function as needed. This ensures the safety of those around and prevents property damage and losses. Again, you can get back in the building and continue with your day's work because the building is safe.

Limits Financial Loss

A fire that spreads in a wide area causes lots of financial losses. Accidental fires can burn down the entire house and everything in the house. Again, it can burn down a huge part of a restaurant, causing it to shut down. This is a substantial financial loss.

However, an automatic fire suppression system prevents such financial losses. This is because the system puts off the fire immediately, and business runs as usual. The system saves you a lot of money, and you also get to keep your potential customers.

Alerts the Local Fire Department

Automatic fire suppression systems are designed to alert a fire department near the home or hotel. Therefore, after the system puts off the fire, our fire experts immediately come to the affected site. We inspect the system, repair the damaged parts, test the system, and leave you safe and stress-free.

Low Maintenance

After installing a fire suppression system, you don't have to worry about frequent maintenance services. This is because these systems are durable and have worked efficiently for many years. Again, our professional technicians check your systems frequently after offering fire suppression system services to ensure that all parts work perfectly. Therefore, you are at peace because your loved ones and the property is safe after a fire erupts in your home or business.

Chief Fire Protection offers quality fire suppression solutions, including cleaning and restaurant fire suppression system service. We are your choice if you need a fire suppression system that works efficiently in your work or business. Again, always choose an automation fire suppression system if you need safety and prevent losses.