Fire Protection

Do Fire Extinguishers Expire?

Fire Extinguisher Expire

A complex of fire protection measures requires regular maintenance and testing to remain serviceable in the case of an emergency. The integral parts of any fire safety strategy – fire extinguishers – can not save a building and its occupants from the fire once they are expired. Therefore, monitoring and replacing these crucial fire protection…

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What You Should Ask Your Fire Protection Company

fire protection company

The fire can end up in multiple severe consequences for commercial buildings, occupants, and business assets. Therefore, choosing the right fire protection company is crucial to ensure your facility is safe against fire hazards. On the other hand, business owners usually find it challenging to make the best decision among multiple fire safety organizations. Luckily,…

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Common Problems With Restaurant Exhaust Systems?

Restaurant Exhaust Systems

Restaurant owners need to take care of many commercial kitchen appliances to run their businesses effectively and gain revenue. Restaurant exhaust systems appear essential in commercial kitchens since they ensure the better air quality in the cooking area and a more pleasant working atmosphere for the employees.  However, once restaurant owners don’t pay enough attention…

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Fire Suppression Inspection, Testing, Maintenance

Fire Suppression Inspection

Fire suppression system A fire suppression system is a constructed set of pieces of machinery made to extinguish accidental fires. It is characteristically found in workstations and possibly in a transport truck or other sites of interest. A fire suppression system detects fires through smoke, heat, and other warning signs during the starting phases.   It…

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How Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

Fire Sprinkler Systems

The fire might be genuinely disruptive for businesses and commercial buildings. A commercial fire sprinkler system is a primary part of an effective fire safety plan as it protects occupants and property in the event of a fire. These units work by extinguishing the smoke and blaze to limit the fire spreading and potential damage.…

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What Is Hydrostatic Testing Of Fire Extinguishers?

Fire Extinguishers

Fire safety measures are essential for every commercial building to keep its occupants and overall facility safe. An integral part of a fire prevention strategy remains fire extinguishers that require regular preventative maintenance, like any other fire suppression system. One of the primary tests for these appliances is fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing. Let’s look at…

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Benefits From A Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

kitchen exhaust system cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is not only needed to pass another fire code inspection. It is the first pledge to increase the quality of meals. The advantage of kitchen vent hood cleaning is also associated with the health of your customers and employees as the air becomes pure from harmful chemicals and toxins. Essentially, kitchen exhaust…

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What Are The Basic Fire Safety Practices?

Basic Fire Safety Practices

You even can’t imagine how fast the fire can spread in a house. Mainly if the interior contains a lot of textile and wood. This way, it is essential to be aware of significant fire prevention and safety tips to know how to act in a blaze. Having an effective escape plan, apart from a…

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Types Of Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Protection of your home or building from fire is one of the most important precautions to be taken. Sometimes, it happens that people don’t take into account the actual damage fire can cause. As a result, it might lead to the loss of the dwelling, documents, and other precious items, apart from a risk of…

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