Common Problems With Restaurant Exhaust Systems?

Restaurant owners need to take care of many commercial kitchen appliances to run their businesses effectively and gain revenue. Restaurant exhaust systems appear essential in commercial kitchens since they ensure the better air quality in the cooking area and a more pleasant working atmosphere for the employees. 

However, once restaurant owners don’t pay enough attention to a restaurant exhaust fan, they take a risk to have potential issues. This article will discuss several signs that your kitchen exhaust fan stopped working.


The restaurant hoods filter a large amount of air with strong kitchen odors, smoke, and toxins every day. If you ignore regular cleaning of a restaurant exhaust, kitchen hoods have the potential to produce even worse smells and finally break down. To ensure your restaurant exhaust systems stay serviceable longer, your goal should be to conduct cleaning at least once in three months. However, it would help if you considered a cooking volume to figure out the regularity of hood cleaning. It will never hurt to scrub the exhaust systems more frequently, as well.

Motor issues

Once you hear strange loud sounds that come from your kitchen hood, it might be the first sign that a motor of an exhaust fan restaurant fails. If you don’t repair fans of kitchen exhaust systems in time, they might even burn out shortly. It would be better to hire a professional to check a fan in the kitchen hood, and if it is too damaged, you will need to replace a fan as soon as possible.

Complete power failure

Any power issues can significantly influence the overall workflow in your commercial kitchen, so they are required to be solved immediately. You might verify the circuit breaker and switch it back to its previous position to solve power failures. However, if it doesn’t work, you will need to replace the circuit breaker to restore the operation of the kitchen exhaust system. Such breakers tend to blow from time to time, so keep in mind if a restaurant extractor fan fails, you might encounter problems with power.

Moisture buildup

Another common concern of an exhaust fan for the restaurant is moisture accumulation because of excessive condensation in the cooking areas. This can result in condensation buildup and moisture leaks from your kitchen hoods. To check whether the excessive moisture accumulates in a kitchen exhaust system, powering off and removing the cover of a fan is your best bet.

Access door arrangement

Exhaust fan not working signs involve problems with access doors that prevent proper hood cleaning and proper maintenance. Lack of required cleaning and maintenance can accumulate excessive oil and grease increasing the chance for fire hazards. 

Keep in mind that hood panels should be right-sized, allowing effective duct cleaning and hood repairing. Following access, door arrangement remains an essential aspect of effectively running your kitchen exhaust systems.