What Is Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning?

Among a diversity of kitchen appliances in commercial cooking areas, a ventilation system remains one vital piece of equipment. Kitchen hoods are in charge of filtering the air, maintaining its quality, and removing bad odors, moisture, smoke, and grease from the air. This can significantly improve working conditions in the cooking area for employees and prevent smells from spreading in the restaurant. However, commercial business owners should conduct regular restaurant exhaust hood cleaning to keep ventilation systems serviceable. Today, we`ll discuss what restaurant hood and exhaust cleaning are.

How to clean a restaurant exhaust?

While many commercial kitchens clean the exterior surfaces of their exhaust hoods as a part of usual hood cleaning, NFPA 96 describes other requirements for restaurant exhaust cleaning. The work on cleaning restaurant exhaust systems should include the following practices – cleaning hood filters and grease cups, replacing hood parts if necessary, degreasing the hood base and blades, inspecting hood fans for worn-out fan belts, providing a full report of all performed work, ensuring a certificate from a cleaning company, etc. Employees can handle restaurant hood exhaust cleaning by themselves or refer to a team of experienced cleaners.

How much does it cost to clean exhaust?

If a business owner hires a hood cleaning company, the most common minimum charge for their services ranges from $400 to $450. Cleaners might charge you for some extra services, such as cleaning long duct systems. It is worth mentioning that some cleaning companies charge clients per hour. In this case, a business owner will pay cleaners between $135 and $180 per hour with additional payments for extra services.

How often should a restaurant exhaust be cleaned?

The frequency of restaurant kitchen exhaust hood cleaning depends on a few factors. Cleaning should be performed every month for restaurants that stand by a significant volume of fuel cooking operations. 

Quarterly restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning is recommended for catering establishments with high-volume kitchen operations, such as 24-hour restaurants. Apart from that, a semi-annually exhaust system cleaning restaurant is obligated for servings with moderate cooking volume. Finally, commercial businesses with low cooking demands, like churches or seasonal catering establishments, should conduct hood cleaning at least once a year.

Restaurant exhaust cleaning process

Essentially, a vent hood cleaning process involves a few steps. After inspecting the exhaust system and shutting it off, a hood cleaning company will prepare the kitchen by covering the appliances and floors with plastic sheeting. Then, cleaners will clean the hood ventilation system – remove grease from the roof, clean exhaust fans, filters, and ducts, and scrub the vent hood from the bottom up. The final stages include hood polishing, filter reinstallation, inspecting the entire system, and attaching the certification sticker. A hood cleaning company will also provide you with a report.

Restaurant exhaust cleaning services

Most hood cleaning teams offer the following services – duct cleaning, exhaust system cleaning, restaurant exhaust fan cleaning, exhaust system repair, pressure washing, roof cleaning, stainless shining, and more.