Top Questions To Ask Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Companies

Restaurant kitchens accumulate large quantities of grease in the hoods that are the primary source of a fire emergency. This way, it is essential for restaurants and hotels to hire professional commercial hood cleaning. 

At the same time, selecting a reliable cleaning team can turn out to be quite a challenging task. Today, we will discover a list of questions you might be willing to ask in the kitchen hood cleaning companies.

Accreditations, education, and experience of commercial kitchen hood cleaning companies

A professional kitchen hood cleaning company needs to have an appropriate credential, including certifications, experience, and required training procedures among workers. Don’t forget to verify the NFPA of a cleaning group. It is a guarantee that a company will be engaged in the processes for advanced maintenance that your kitchen hoods require.

Insurance coverage details

Different failures can occur during the restaurant kitchen hood cleaning, so it would be better for owners to ensure they have the right coverage. You might ask for insurance policies, like general liability or workers’ assurance.

How much experience do they have with kitchen hood cleaning?

The experience is key, especially in the commercial restaurant hood cleaning industry. A team of experienced employees has more knowledge in terms of hood problems and potential risks, so the work will be done more qualitatively.

What is included in the clean?

Ask in the commercial range hood cleaners what you have to expect after the cleaning is completed. A full package often includes cleaning restaurant hoods, filtration systems, grease boxes, kitchen equipment, washable ceilings and floors, exhaust fans, and more.

Chemicals used during washing.

Modern cleaning companies utilize restaurant hood cleaning chemicals that are food safe. This way, don’t expect to ask for other cleaning chemicals available.

Reports provided after the job is complete.

It is essential to ask your cleaning agency to give you a full report of completed work after the cleaning. A report can give you insights into what parts of your kitchen require more attention in terms of maintenance.

Quality standards review of kitchen hood cleaning

Make sure you know what cleaning procedures method for the commercial kitchen your cleaning company is using. A reliable cleaning agency will work with the proper software, apps, and reports to transfer all the required knowledge from employees to a superior team. It is needed to solve any occurring problem fast.

How much will commercial kitchen hood cleaning cost?

Last but not least, ask about the quote from your cleaning agency. Once you receive quotes from several services, you can compare prices and select the most suitable option. Don’t expect to pay small amounts of money – cheap companies don’t always mean high-quality services. Keep in mind that hood cleaning for restaurants requires some effort and funds.